When Luxury + Family Collide [Maui]

Maynard Maui Getaway 2017. Aloha! And Happy Monday!

So here we are you guys, a year later, plus another [baby], + the best Maynard Maui Getaway in the books. Not gonna lie… this most recent trip to the incredible [brand spankin’ new, btw] Westin Nanea Ocean Villas , Ka’anapali will be one we’ll never top. Never. Period. It’s a fact and I’ve accepted it.

Now let me tell you a little bit about this property + why we loved it so much. The little bits of info you’d never know unless you’ve experienced it for yourself first hand. This new beachfront Westin is no Westin at all. In fact, it sits alone, at the very top of a category beyond 5 stars. Singles, couples, families, honeymooners – this property offers enjoyment for everyone! Truth:: I get goosebumps as I write about this super unique place, one I hope to be able to bring my kids back to year after year.

What’s in a name?

Nanea (na-neh-ah) is a Hawaiian word that means to be in a state of relaxation, leisure, + tranquility. This resort is like no other in ways that can only be experienced during a stay. The details, the auras, the authentic Hawaiian vibe really have a way at putting you into the most peaceful place you’ve only dreamed of. One you’d like to stay in forever. Something I really appreciated was that the [local] staff would share stories and unique details on the ground-on-up construction time-lapse. Their heart’s lie deep within this property. You really do get a sense of care + respect when speaking to just about  a n y o n e  working on site. Something you have to remember, is these employees watched this property go up from dirt, as most worked at the neighboring [sister] property, The Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas.   [pro tip: stay at one resort + use the other! Something that’s also unique to this property is that you’re able to property hop sharing the pools and ammenities!]

The Decor

One of the things my husband + I absolutley loved about the Westin Nanea was the attention to detail + purpose by incorporating the history of the island and of the Hawaiian people in the construction + creation of this new property. One of the ways in which they delivered that experience was with the Hina’i, a traditional Hawaiin fishing basket. The Hina’i represents a basket of stories, which is the hope + expectation of the resort and it’s design. From the lobby to the light fixtures, locally created artwork in the villas to structural murals on the building, all being focal points throughout the property that give the guests inspiration to create and share a story of their own. Any Moana fans out there? Check out the floor in the picture below. What do you see?

The Food

The Westin Nanea makes dining quite simple. When you’re not shopping on property in the convenient Kauhale Market + cooking in your villa or BBQing near the pools, feel free to start your mornings off at Mauka Makai [meaning toward the mountain, toward the ocean] The relaxed + upscale menu is inspired by ancient Hawaiians, who drew their physical and spiritual sustenance from the land and sea around them. Pro Tip:: definitely try the mango Bellini paired with your coffee + the corned beef hash. It’s served with the most amazing chorizo gravy that will make your mouth want more. So yum. If you’re feeling uber hungry, try the buffet:: a never ending option loaded with the freshest fruits, tender smoked salmon, delightful pastries, and more. 

Lunch daily was poolside for us.  Waitstaff circled around the pools carrying yummy frozen drinks + snacks from Inu [the Hawaiian word for drink]. The smells were undeniably tempting. Dine poolside, in a private cabana, or in the wide-open restaurant with stunning views of Kā‘anapali Beach, the resort, and the swimming pools. Pro Tip:: Definitely order the Edamame + the Tuna Poke Bowl. Ahh-mazing. *Be sure to ask for Jake. He was the kindest, most knowledgable waiter I have ever met. Jake taught us so much about the menu: the story behind it, how the food was caught + prepared, and the rhyme/reason behind it all. Jake was a very memorable part of our trip and not because he introduced me to the Macadamia Nut Chi Chi [my go-to poolside cocktail made with Ocean Organic Vodka, macadamia nut liqueur, pineapple chunks, coconut cream, + pineapple juice] We sure do hope to see him again some day!

Dinners at The Westin Nanea felt so elegant yet kid-friendly; a combination that very rarely sits together. This is definitely an important quality to our family as my husband and I love to “fine dine” with kids in tow. The menu was created by Executive Chef Ikaika Manaku with fresh, local ingredients sourced from mountain to sea. Our Faves:: Start off with the Kula baby mesclun greens. It’s topped with fennel, Waimea cukes, local cherry tomatoes, hearts of palm, Kā‘anapali beets, and a lavender dressing. Next, try the Yukon Gold Gnocchi. It’s served with charred Hawaiian orange butter, toasted macadamia nuts, + a garden herb essence. Seriously incredible.  Main course options are all perfection, but be sure to save room for dessert! My husband + I had 1 fight in Maui and it was over the last bite of the Baked Maui; House-made pound cake, meringue, Lappert’s Hawai‘i coconut ice cream, + macerated Kula strawberries. Oh my yumm.

Spa Helani
Let’s talk about the most relaxing, rejuvenating experience of my life.  I ended up living the dream with an 80 minute massage. And get this:: I am honored to say I was the VERY FIRST to try the NEW Nanea Ritual.  This ritual was introduced in honor of the Nanea’s recent opening, soothing guests into a dreamy euphoric state of relaxation, or Nanea in Hawaiian. The ritual begins with a symbolic cleanse; using a ti leaf to cast away any negative energy lingering in the room. Next, you will choose your oil blend for the ritual. I chose the gardenia blend as it’s one of my favorite scents. Smooth, self-heating porcelain lava shells are then used to massage the chosen oils in a rhythmic pattern on the skin. You guys:: this was [seriously] without a doubt the most relaxing massage I have ever experienced.

The Bed.
It’s Heavenly®. Need I say more?

The Pool

The pool at The Westin Nanea was the one place we were consistantly at every single day. From sun up to sun down, the boys were splish n’ and a splash’n at the baby beach, cruisin’ down the water slide, and playing in the kiddo pool or splash park. We spent one full day in a private poolside cabana where my hubby and I enjoyed yummy drinks + treats while the babies napped and Ben watched surfing on the flat screen TV! I highly recommend booking a cabana, especially if you have littles!

You guys:: whether you’re traveling with the kiddos and looking for a cultural experience like no other, in love on your honeymoon, or simply flying solo, this is one place you need to hit. The Westin Nanea Ocean Villas on Maui will forever be a special place for my family. You can for sure count on us going back.

A big Mahalo for letting me share our Maynard Maui Getaway Part II with you!  Feel free to scroll down to check out the rest of our pics:)




*partnered with Westin Nanea for this post, however, all opinions are my own.


    • Sooooo relaxing. Aww well sounds like you are due! We take one a year and it really helps us reset!

  1. Hi! I never read blogs but I’m so glad I did! From Florida (west palm beach) never had much desire to see Hawaii, but wow!! So in love with these photos! What a BEAUTIFUL family!! So very blessed! Happy healthy blessings to you all and thanks for sharing!

  2. (Oops somehow I posted this on the wrong blog entry, not sure how!).

    Hi Renee, watched you on the bachelor and just found your blog. So interesting to read, and nice to see another cosleeping family too! (most people don’t admit to it!). Your Maui trip looks amazing but my main question is – how do you get the kids (especially the youngest) to nap poolside like that? Our 14 month old needs to be rocked or nursed to sleep (and even then it can take a while) and gets more and more distracted if not at home/a quiet place the older she gets… would love to be able to have her nap outside/elsewhere like your sweet poolside napping pictures!

    Also and if you have any other tips, how do you get them to nap/sleep at home? For us it’s the same as above – which usually also means we (or at least one of us) goes to sleep at the same time as her at night! Thanks!!

    • Hi Jade! I am so sorry that I missed your comment from forever ago!!! I’m just now getting back to the blog and wanted to touch base:) As far as the poolside naps go – we just wear ’em down haha! Jax literally will get so exhausted that he’ll rack out – and AJ will just nurse to sleep. I will say this – we have never brought our big BOB stroller until this past recent trip to Maui – and I highly recommend doing this. Our kids napped in the comfort of their own loungy stroller for hours! Even the late night where we wanted to stay out and have an another cocktail:) A girlfriend of mine insisted we check the BOB this trip and it was the greatest tip. Now for nighttime sleep – we used a sleep consultant – Janey with WeeSleep. It was literally a life changer and I highly recommend booking. Lets please stay in touch. I’m back:)

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