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Motherhood – how do you define it? I would say it’s an instantaneous life changer in the most perfect imperfect ways. Exhausting yet exciting. Frustrating yet fascinating. Tapped out yet totally tuned-in to every single part of it all.  As I sit here typing out this post with my bulletproof mushroom coffee in hand, I see AJ on the sleep monitor. I can’t believe he’s two already – the pace in which those years flew by absolutly blew my mind. He’s two – TWO [as of yesterday] Seriously like wth. I swear it felt like just days ago he was gagging on mashed up peas + still mastering the art of a painless latch. Those sleepless nights with an ongoing need for a caffeine IV drip seemed like just yesterday. And now – he’s speaking full sentences. He’s singing songs. He shows love + compassion. He’s SLEEPING! And not just sleeping, but sleeping a solid, consecutive, uninterrupted 13 hours a night – and in his OWN bed. He’s living the toddler life and I can’t believe we’re here.

But let’s talk about the sleep sitch – If you told me one year ago this child would sleep solo + through the night before age 7 – I would have laughed in your face. “Ummm do you even know my kid? He’s a boob-obsessed stage five clinger who watches me shave, sh*t AND shower! He sleeps right smack in between my husband and I and legit lives in my shadow. I have fully accepted the fact that we will co-sleep until he’s in grade school and you know what, I’m okay with that.” [probably adding in an f-bomb or two]

Boy was I wrong.

Not even on the hunt for a solution – a beautiful angel came to me via my DM on Instagram:), and her name was Janey Reilly  – founder + expert Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant helping tired families all around the globe. I thought… Sleep consultant? What the heck is a sleep consultant? Little did I know, they were about to change our lives.

A few hours later, my husband got home from work. I couldn’t even wait for him to say “honey I’m home!” before I exploded with so much excitement! [I’m pretty sure he thought we had just won the Mega Millions.] Anyway –  I shared with him the exchange between Janey + I and he totally bought into it. He’s in. Doubtful of a successful outcome, he said “anything to bang my wife alone in our bed again…. right? Let’s do it.” #men

So we started out with a FREE 15 minute consultation. Right away, there was this bond – a connection – a sense of security and trust we felt with Janey.  I believed her when she said “AJ can do this, and so can you.” To be honest, the whole thought of AJ actually sleeping through the night in 10 days or less was laughable. Mind you – we had been co-sleeping for a solid YEAR – and he only slept with his mouth wrapped around the boob. We had actually reached a point where I couldn’t even slide it out because he’d wake up. Truthfully, I felt pretty defeated just going into this whole process, but, like anyone else, desperate times call for desperate measures. After speaking with my husband, we had decided to go ahead and book the Rescue Me [virtual] Package. This program is ideal for families with children under 2.5 years old [and still in the crib] who want to receive more personal attention + support throughout the entire sleep plan process, which is something I knew I was going to need. I had chosen the start date – AJ ‘s first birthday and the day my husband had to jet-set to Africa for a 2 week work trip. I love a challenge – and I knew that I wanted to do this on my own. I set the goal to have AJ sleep through the night, in his own crib, without nighttime feedings – in 10 days or less – all before my husband returned. The coolest part? We did just that.

Night 1 was an emotional challenge with a successful finish. Very minimal crying – with loads of interaction. And after an hour of learning the new way, AJ slept 10 straight hours and IN HIS OWN CRIB! He had never even stepped foot in his bed until this first night. I couldn’t believe it. We followed the customized schedule to a T and it worked.  It actually worked! The days and nights to follow were definitely difficult for all of us, but right away, we could see the light at the end. I had received so much support + reassurance from Janey that I knew this wouldn’t fail, and it couldn’t fail… she was there every step of the way. As for AJ – he felt so much love, comfort and trust throughout the entire process. He became more confident + comfortable around his crib and in his day-to-day activities. He was happier – clearly fully rested. We also eliminated the nighttime feedings! You guys – I couldn’t believe how much we had accomplished in <48 hours. I was so proud of him throughout the process, but I was also proud of myself. I felt like Wonderwoman!

By the end of the 2 weeks together, we were living a whole new life. A life I never imaged would be attainable. Nighttimes became enjoyable. Bedtime was no longer feared, or dreaded. The nightly rock, paper, scissor games with my husband over who will do bed came to an end. Fast forward one year, 4 vacations, a flu or two, teething, loud poker nights, and super late sunsets –  regardless of the situation – AJ has slept 12+ hours every, single, night since going through the program.  One thing I do get asked a lot – is was it worth it? Emotionally and financially? And all I can say is “Knowing what I know now – I would have paid 3x the amount. My only regret is not knowing about sleep consultants sooner – I would have gone through the process with all of my kids.”

The flow of our evenings are pretty damn perfect and we have WeeSleep to thank for that. WeeSleep gave us our life back, and now, I would like to pay it forward. I have decided to take part in the WeeSleep Consultant Training program that will be offered here in Seattle this fall. Motherhood is my passion – and if I can help you make it more enjoyable by simply getting some sleep – we all win. I would love nothing more than to be a part of your family’s sleep success story so stay tuned for updates as I embark on this new mom-life friendly adventure.

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Tired now? Reach out to WeeSleep for your FREE 15 minute consultation. You won’t regret it:)





  1. How did your sweet babe do the first few days of sleep training? Were there a lot of tears and protesting? Based on this blog post I’ve taken the plunge and contacted WeeSleep! My little one currently sleeps exactly like you described AJ pre-sleep training. I’m so nervous to start!

    • Oh mama don’t be nervous – get excited! AJ surprisingly did amazing night one – slept through the night only waking up once around 11 but very quickly went right back to bed. The protesting night one lasted around 37 minutes if i can remember exactly. However – I was in constant contact with him. It was definitely not a CIO method. AJ loves his crib now. Haha! Funny story – the other night we kept him up 2 hours past his bedtime while we and a few other families rented one big fire pit at a corn maze. It got late fast, AJ turned to me and said “I wanna go night night.” in more of a super pissed off toddler groan – super frustrated. He was like jeesh mom – don’t you know my bedtime? It was sweet. But here we are well over a year into the process and it stuck. And AJ is my happy sleeper. He’s also been the healthiest! I’m not sure if thats bc he nursed for over 2 years or that he’s really the only one in our home that gets solid sleep every night. Anyway – don’t you worry mama. The first few nights will be tough – just stick with it. Do not stray from the schedule – it’ll just prolong the process. Stick with it and it’ll be over in no time. You will be so thankful you did this!!! Reach out and keep me posted, will ya? xoxo


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