Boudoir Bucket List {ooh-la-la} || Photographer Tessa Tadlock Q+A

A few months ago, I decided it was the right time for me to put on my big girl pants {or panties} + find the courage in myself to bare a little bit for the boudoir shoot I had dreamed of doing for almost a decade! For years, I came up w:: excuses as to why I couldn’t.  I hadn’t hit my goal weight, I was too busy, I’m too old, It’s winter and I’m too pale…blah.  You name it, I thought it.  After I had Jax {01/2015} I crushed it hard.  I ran, I walked, I lifted, I dieted… I was maybe 7 lbs from my pre-babe weight when we found out I was growing another human in my belly! Beyond thrilled, and never again thought about the weight or the number. Fast forward a few months + voilà! Photographer Tessa Tadlock turned me into a boudoir babe for a day that left a feeling in my heart + soul that’ll last a lifetime.

So no joke. I totally showed up to the shoot swimming in my hubby’s sweatpants + of course, rockin’ a mum bun {Tessa can vouch}. I mean, ladies, you get me. Yoga pants, a clean{ish} shirt, zero makeup, smell a little like spit up… Sound ’bout right? Mom life. As glamorous + incredible + crazy as that life may be, it doesn’t define us. We’re also women, we’re strong, we’re beautiful. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not for one second minimizing the privilege of being a mother. It truly is such a blessing. I’m just saying, it’s ok to be more than mom.

I needed this. This shoot was originally a Valentine’s Day gift for the hubbs, but once I got there + we got knee deep in hair and makeup, I realized this was for me, too. Yes I’m a 34 year old mom, a loving wife, but I’m also me. It’s certainly not something I’ve forgotten or needed reminding of, but I do think it’s important for us women, every now + again, to do something for ourselves that makes us feel “me” again. Makes us feel a little more confident in who we are. Makes us feel beautiful! Strong + Empowered! More than enough! More than “mom”:)

So I started thinking…. I wonder if there are other women out there who feel the same way I did.  Thankfully, my freakishly talented photographer, Tessa Tadlock, made some time to sit down w:: me to answer a few Q’s I think just might clear up any fears or doubts you may have regarding boudoir.  Here we go::



Tessa! Tell us a little about you, your experience, + why you started shooting boudoir?
I’m Tessa Tadlock! I’m a crazy passionate photographer based in Seattle! I also make tons of trips to California & love to travel! I’m full of energy, I’m adventurous & I love connecting with people!  I fell in love with boudoir when I realized it changes women’s perspective of their own body! Getting to show my clients how beautiful and amazing they are in the body they’re in right here and now and getting away from comparing themselves to others and instead appreciate all they got goin on is what it’s all about!!
Why should someone have boudoir photos taken?
To celebrate yourself & how amazing your body is! Think about all your body has done for you, whether it’s gotten you to the top of that hike, it’s overcome cancer or its given you incredible children! Every single woman’s body is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated! Life gets soooo busy, boudoir can help you focus on YOU for once!
What are some of the most common occasions you hear of when your clients book boudoir with you? 
A lot of my clients come in wanting to create something for their man to cherish & obsess over, and they usually end up falling in love with their session themselves as well! Also women who don’t take enough time to appreciate how strong, resilient and beautiful they are, are often interested in boudoir sessions to give themselves a reminder of their incredible worth! And don’t ever think that having fun and feeling glam isn’t a good enough reason to book a boudoir sesh!
How do you handle shy / self-conscious clients? What do you/they do to make themselves feel more comfortable?
If you feel like you are too shy or too self-conscious to book a boudoir shoot lemme let you in on a little secret, every client of mine comes in feeling that way on some level! No one feels 100% comfortable and amazing about themselves all the time, which is exactly why you should do a boudoir session, to fall a little more in love with your gorgeous self! Also! I guide and direct my clients every step of the way! Clients never have to worry about looking awkward, or what to do with their hands, I am always there telling you exactly how to pose from head to toe! Also alsoooo, booking with a friend and making the experience into a girls day is always a ton of fun and can make it even less intimidating! And for some a mimosa or two doesn’t hurt either!
What should one wear/bring to a boudoir shoot? 
Whatever makes you feel your best!! My clients wear lingerie most often, if you’re looking for some gorgeous sets, is one of my fav lingerie shops! Another super popular option is bringing in your man’s clothes – his button up, or his white t can easily be made into a super sexy outfit for you! Renee pulled off this look crazy well in our session!!
If someone is on the fence about boudoir, what would you tell them about the experience? 
You’ll never forget this experience!! You will feel so pampered, glam and special and finally get a glimpse at seeing yourself the way everyone else around you does!
What are some of the greatest responses you’ve heard from past clients once seeing their final photos?
Renee’s reaction to her photos perfectly sums up exactly why I love what I do. Hearing that she came in thinking this was all her for hubbs but left realizing this was for her too & that she found a little piece of herself that’s been missing for a long time is exactly what I am to give to my clients! I have also loved watching clients eyes light up as they see their photos and start to view themselves in a different light. Having clients tell me they feel beautiful and confident in their own skin after viewing their photos is the best compliment ever!
Any advice you can share that’ll help one make the most of a boudoir shoot? 
You’re allowed to come to me nervous and insecure as long as you’re willing and open to leave feeling empowered and beautiful!


How do clients typically display their images? 

Most of my clients come in thinking they just want digital images, but I realized my clients also want to leave with tangible memories that will last a lifetime! I so believe in not only having digital images that too often get lost in the depths of computers and never really valued or seen as often as they should be I also offer luxury products!

I offer gorgeous lay flat albums that are the most beautiful way to showcase and reminisce on your boudoir session!  Another beautiful way to display your images is with my heirloom boxes that I offer in wood and glass! They include a 4×6 print of every final image from your session! Lastly, I offer wall art which includes canvases, metal prints and matted prints that you or your man can enjoy viewing and being an everyday reminder of how beautiful you are!


How would someone book with you?

This is when I feel obsessed with my own name ; )


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