Did you say ‘safer’ beauty?

Beautycounter products smell amazing + I personally can vouch that the products legitimately work. But did you know that Beautycounter products are safer? Yes SAFER! A word I have never, ever, EVER used to describe a moisturizer or a shampoo. Did you know that 80% of ingredients in personal care products have never been tested for safety yet they are still allowed to be in our everyday products? 1,400 ingredients are banned in Europe, 600 in Canada – Guess how many are banned in the US? 30. Yeah. Barf.

So my friends over at Beautycounter have committed to a health and safety standard that goes well beyond what is legally required in the United States. Their Never List™ is made up of more than 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals that they will never use as ingredients in any of their products. Do I have your attention? Good:)

I bet you’ve never thought twice about what you put on your skin… ammiright? Yeah, well you’re not the only one.  I used to shop shampoos, lotions, deodorants, + even detergents based on SCENT alone! Knowing what I know now makes me wanna vom.

Now let’s back up 2 years.  I went for a hike with a girlfriend who started chatting all this stuff about Beautycounter + their mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone, and  that in the absence of government regulations, we define safety ourselves. I was upfront and honest out the gate:: “My skin is uber sensitive to any and everything new that I try, so if you’re trying to sell me product, I’m out”.  But she was adamant that I try the stuff.  A week goes by, & there she is at my door with a giant bag of goodies! Shampoo, conditioner, bronzer, blush, lip gloss, face wash, creams, stuff for the babies, etc. She said, “Just try it for a week and then give it all back when you’re done. Have fun!”

Hesitant, yet curious, I began to untwist every cap, giving each and every bottle the ol’ smell test.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Every bottle that I opened had this amazingly clean, fresh, lemongrassy, citrusy scent.  I thought, okay whatever, it smells nice, but surely it won’t pass the breakout test.  Thinking nothing could possibly be better than the Neutrogena face wash I’ve used since the 9th grade. You guys – I tried it all. Every lotion, every cream, every wash, every scrub.  Instantly, after just one use of a handful of products, my face looked and felt amazing. Truth:: the softest + the cleanest it’s felt in over a decade. Or at least since I’ve started having babies. Now keep in mind, I continued to use these products religiously and exclusively throughout my trial period. After each use, I noticed my skin looking more youthful, dewy… and radiant. [A look I have only seen on beauty blogs + Instagram accounts, btw] Fast forward a week… not a single breakout.  The texts started coming in from my friend… “Hey girl! Mind if I swing by and pickup the beauty bag?”.  Long pause.  Like a 2 hour pause.  I finally respond “Hi love! Do you mind if I keep this stuff for a few more days? I didn’t have enough time to try everything out yet.” (and what I meant by that is… Haha yeah right. I love this stuff and I do NOT want to give it back….like ever) Another few days go by. Guys:: I’m HOOKED.  I sadly packed up the bag, placed it on the front porch, and texted “It’s ready for pickup.  Thank you for letting me try Beautycounter.”  I’m bummed now b/c I have to find a way to tell my husband how much $ I’m about to drop on Beautycounter as I ditch all my current crap in the garbage.  Switching to safer never felt better, especially feeling confident in knowing that the products actually work!

So below I’m going to list my Friday FIVE Faves including the pros + cons of each item.

No.1 Cleansing Balm

Why I literally love it – this balm does it all. It’s a cleanser, a moisturizer, a make-up remover, an overnight mask + a highlighter. Yeah. It’s pretty much the most incredible thing I have ever put on my face.

The eh’s – the initial price was a tad high for me [$80] BUT one jar has lasted me well over a year so….. do that math:)




No.2 Balancing + Charcoal Facial Mask

Why I love it – This charcoal mask makes my face feel like a baby’s bum. My skin is always super soft + my pores literally shrink to almost nothing after use. The mask is made with nutrient-rich kaolin clay which deeply cleanses and balances, minimizing the appearance of pores while giving your skin a smooth, refined appearance. I like to spray the mask, once it’s dried, with the Balancing Facial Mist to sort of reactive the mask effects + benefits.

The eh’s – This stuff really does work its way deep into your pores so a little light scrubbing during the removal is for sure needed to ensure super clean looking pores.


No.3 Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer

Why I love – If the sun is out, I’m right out there in it. This tinted moisturizer offers a simple sheer coverage, a luminous dewy glowy finish, and it’s super-charged with SPF20 protection. It also includes black currant, peony flower root extract, and vitamin C to enhance skin brightness and sodium hyaluronate to promote firmer, smoother-looking skin.

The eh’s – it really does only offer a very light, sheer coverage. So if you’re looking for something a little thicker, this tinted moisturizer is not for you. The better option would be Beautycounter’s Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation which has amazing coverage + is super hydrating – minus the SPF bonus.

No.4  Countermatch Pure Calm Cleansing Milk

Why I love – This is the most moisturizing cleanser I’ve ever used. Typically cleansers leave my face very dry + tight, screaming for a moisturizer like a-sap. Not this one. It also strips my mascara without removing my false lashes!

The eh’s – I don’t actually have one for this product




No.5 Sugar Scrub in Lemongrass

Why I love – In the past, I could always do without the body scrubs. As a mom of 3 boys, I don’t even have time to say the word “shower” before my 2x a week rituals are over BUT, now that I have this stuff, I can’t imagine a shower without it. The smell is INCREDIBLE – the feeling it leaves, the look of your skin afterwards – it’s seriously the best. Safe to use of preggo bellies + apparently it’s also safe to “ingest”, although not recommended:) I exfoliate my lips with the lemongrass scrub and I may or may not lick a little off. I mean, it’s just sugar after all, right? Ha! JK

The eh’s – B/c my husband uses this stuff DAILY, we go through it pretty quickly.

So there you have it you guys! Like I said, I am a consultant so if you are on the hunt for a new eye cream or maybe looking to swap your products for safer, let me know and I’d love to take you on the Safer Beauty journey with me.