Raspberry Oatmeal {Cookie} Breakfast Smoothie

Hello sleepyhead:)  How’d you rest last night?  I don’t know about you, but this girl, slept like a rock.  Maybe the little lemon in my belly figured out that if mama sleeps, mama’s happy:)  Woke up to the sweet sounds of rain + distant thunder echoing off the mountains.  Definitely beats the alarm clock.  My husband + I have this ‘thing’ about the rain.  We love to kiss in it…so waking up to that sound, starts off our day all romantical:)

So today, I woke w/a bit of a sweet tooth.  I {REALLY} wanted to dig into the homemade sugar cookies I made w/the boys last night, but I fought off the temptation while staring at my rapidly growing belly.

Ready for this one?  It’s pretty dang good.

Raspberry Oatmeal {Cookie} Breakfast Smoothie

1 banana, 1/2c rolled oats, Ic almond milk, 1tBs honey, 1/2tSp cinnamon, 1 tSp vanilla extract, pinch of nutmeg, pinch of salt, handful of almonds, 6 raspberries, 8 ice cubes.

Drink it up buttercup!