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Teaching a toddler ANYTHING is a pretty tough task – one that involves a lot of love, a lot of energy, creativity – and most importantly – lots & lots of patience! Jax [my 3yo] is incredibly independent. He wants to do everything his way and only his way. Watching him try to put his shoes on solo is one of the cutest yet irritating things to witness.  Actually, AJ [my 1yo] is a lot like that, too. Come to think of it – so is Ben [my 13yo]. Wait a minute – maybe all kids are like this? Feel free to chime in here. Ha!

Truth – I’m a super hands-on mom. Ever since I had Ben, I’ve been that mom who crawled around on the floor, built epic pillow forts, and really tried to focus creative learning through silly fun, love + affection. Well – that works until they hit toddler. Oh and trust me – it’s way more of a challenge once they hit teenager. While I’m still trying to find ways to educate Ben so that he will actually listen + execute, I have found something Jax really enjoys and I find to be incredibly educational! Win win – right? Truth is – kids don’t always want their parents teaching them. It’s a great thing to let them learn + explore, all on their own. Independence builds confidence and thats where this blog post comes into play.

The world is a different place now – the world you and I grew up in was tech free. Friday nights were for manhunt, we rode our bikes anywhere and everywhere and forts were legit – constructed and utilized by kids only! Our parents only expected us home in time for dinner/dark. RESPECT was very commonly heard + seen throughout friends and families, and life was pretty grand. Raising kids in the world today is a bit of a challenge. I kind of feel like a phsyco helicopter mom – I’ve got a spying app on my teenagers phone – a phone he JUST received well into 7th grade.  Anyway – back to the point here. I’m just not a very techy/tube time kinda mom – especially when it comes to my littles BUT on days my husband works super late or we have just played literally every game one could possibly come up with – I will allow a little bit of screen time while I’m making dinner. No internet, no YouTube, no babysitting apps. Strictly LeapFrog Academy. You guys – it’s seriously such a great app that I feel comfortable with my toddler using [with parental supervision, of course – bc somehow – the second you turn your back – these little buggers always find a way to get on YouTube + end up on the Genevieve Playhouse channel. Doh!] SO get this – The app contains more than 1,500 interactive games and activities and was created for kiddos ranging in age from 3-6. There is a specific curriculum for each grade level which is amazing. Jax can navigate through the preschool level games just fine with minimal assistance – and for me personally – I get to sit back and watch him figure most of this stuff out on his own + watch his little brain work in ways I’ve never seen before. This toddler friendly virtual classroom sits in a category of its own – one that really lines right up with the trajectory they will take in paperless schools nowadays.

So if you’re a busy mom – like myself – and need screen time to alter the mood, give yourself a chance to whip up a nutritious meal, or maybe you just need a little mental cleansing moment of mommy me time – download it here + thank me later;)

What we love about the app

Jax will start school in the fall so this has really been a great prep for him

The graphics are actually really appealing to the eye

It’s educational, entertaining, + easily accessible

The membership pricing works for our family [$7.99 mo] first month FREE!

Play on any device – no wifi required! Can we say hello plane, train + long automobile rides?

No adds – no add-ons

… and more!

Anyway – check it out here + you’ll get a one month free trial on me!


Happy Learning!


*This post is sponsored but all opinions are my own.

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