GIVEAWAY // My FAVE faceWHIP has WHAT in it??

Skincare products – you can find just about anywhere… Every drug store, the mall, even Amazon! Literally. Everywhere. But what is important to YOU when buying that go-to moisturizer? Is it the packaging? The price? Where it’s made? Are you reading those labels? Do you even bother? To be honest, I never used to. A few good friends of mine inspired me to start living a cleaner life when I was pregnant with AJ. From laundry detergent to sunscreen, we really try to be as “clean” as we can be with the products we choose to put on our skin. This is exactly how I stumbled upon Farm Couture, and boy am I thankful I did just that!

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Farm Couture’s founder, entrepreneur, + esthetician, Cat Bennett. Cat started concocting up what is now my all-time FAVE + most effective face whip in her very own kitchen! Can we just take a moment to admit how badass that is? Cat and I discussed her love + passion for skincare, her entrepreneurial successes, and the challenges she scoots around when blending marriage, work + motherhood!

Cat, How did you get into this industry?

“As a New York esthetician for the past 17 years, I had worked for many global skincare companies and worked primarily for these brands in Saks Fifth Avenue, Barney’s New York, Henri Bendel and Nordstroms. I was always  super interested in ingredients and formulations and how they worked. On any given work day, I was surrounded by the intense fragrances in the majority of all the skincare counters I worked for, and knew that there was no reason or benefit to the skin with synthetic additives. I started reading any and all ingredient labels that I could find and narrowed in on some key ingredients that I personally saw improved the skin. I literally started mixing these hand picked ingredients in my kitchen and created my first prototype of my now FaceWhip moisturizer. I sent my formulations to a research and science lab, and they tested and perfected my products. I specifically didn’t create a big line of products, as I really wanted to focus of creating really high performing products and super high quality ingredients. “

What makes Farm Couture different than say… Beautycounter?

“My products are all individually made to order, as I don’t keep any inventory sitting on shelves. This enables all of my customers to receive truly fresh product that is hand packaged, labeled and shipped by myself. As a super small, one woman run company, I prefer the detail and attention that I can only create as a bespoke company.  Mass production was never something that interested me, as I prefer maintaining the intimate nature of the business. In addition to running Farm Couture, I also have two toddler boys and now reside in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  I’m super passionate about offering my facials and skincare services and travel every 2 months back to New York to see my established skincare clients. Life is busy but good!”

I am IN LOVE with the face whip. It’s my go-to all time favorite moisturizer. I know that Goat’s Milk in a key ingredient in the whip. Can you tell us a little more about why it’s so important?N


* Alpha Hydroxy Acids A natural exfoliant, removes dead skin cells allowing for renewing of new skin cells
*Vitamin C Reverses DNA damage and neutralizes free radicals
* Calcium Protects against dry skin and fine wrinkles
*Vitamin D Essential for skin cell growth, wound healing and maintains a healthy skin barrier
*Rich Butterfat Fills cracks in the skin and seals water in which hydrates and moisturizes skin
* Vitamin A & E Repairs and renews damaged skin tissue 
*Vitamins B6 & B12 which helps with acne issues, uneven skin, wrinkles and dryness.” 

Does the FaceWHIP need to be refrigerated because it has goat’s milk?

“No, the moisturizer is stable and designed to be stored just like any other cream:)”

What DON’T you put in your products?

“I don’t use any synthetic fragrances, perfumes, dyes, parabens or mineral oils.”

What makes the FaceWHIP a whip?

“Our trade secret is in mixing our small batches using our triple milled hand whipping process that combines our unique formula into a decadent creme and experience. It has a smooth consistency similar to fresh whipped cream.”

Anything else you’d like us to know about Farm Couture?

“I get asked a lot if my products are safe to use while pregnant and nursing. The answer is YES! As its all fragrance free and natural ingredients. I always recommend anyone who is pregnant or nursing to check with their doctor. Also, the face cream could also be used anywhere on the body as well as an eye cream! Somethine else to note, I always offer FREE SHIPPING and use a 2 day priority shipping USPS.” 

Where can we buy your products?

“Currently my products are exclusively sold online, but we are expanding to include retailers very soon!”

Any advice for momtrepreneur like yourself? How do you balance it all? Marriage, family, work?

“I would always say to be kinder to yourself. As hard as it can be, carve out some self care time for yourself and make it a property. Oh! And wine. Lots and lots of wine:)”

Thank you so much for chatting with me, Cat! You truly are such an inspiration!

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