Diaper Bag Must-Haves

In my experience, I have found that parenting is all about the 4 P’s.  You  must:: Be positive. Be patient. Be persistent. And most importantly… be PREPARED. Mama’s… you know you’ve been there before.  When your adorable, sweet little babe decides to unload during the most unexpected time.  A time you will, undoubtedly, be diaperless. Not a fun place to be, but it happens, and trust me, it will. This is my 3rd time around at this whole mama gig, so I’d like to think that I’m somewhat of an expert.  Ha! Totally joking. Of course not a single one of my babies like, do, act, or seem as if they are even related {minus the blue eyes}. So every child of mine has been a whole new rodeo! Some days I feel as if I’m barely hangin’ onto the reigns. And others, I know I’ve got this. Since I am writing an entry to my mama friends who will most likely TAKE this advice, I will confidently say that today is one of those “I’ve got this” days, and boy do I feel like the pro! Please read + trust:)

So let me reiterate: Be Prepared!!  A well-stocked diaper bag can seriously save the day! Here are my diaper bag must-haves… stripped down to the bare necessities. I’m also going to keep this list for bags <1 year of age, breast and / or bottle fed. Feel free to comment below and share what items you won’t leave home without!

THE BAG:  Lily Jade Bags are my Go-To. Having a newborn requires you to have a bomb-diggity bag. { def just showed my age, didn’t I. Ha! } Anyway. Their super stylish + functional bags don’t scream “diaper bag” AND will last well beyond the baby days. Note:The Madeline + The Elizabeth are my favorite styles to date.  Not only are they both stunning, they also easily convert to a messenger or a backpack in seconds. Mega plus!

DIAPERS: I definitely try to use The Honest Co diapers, however, full disclosure: AJ’s lower half does NOT conform, so when using them, I toss a ton of onesies, and wash a lot of sheets. I wish they fit him better.




BABY WRAP { I am a huge fan of Modern Wrap’s.  They are 4ft shorter than other wraps, and they also use a nice, light fabric! Use code RENEE15 for 15% off at www.modernwrap.com }

BOOB PADS { if you’re nursing. Because leaking through your gray tee in the grocery store is pretty embarrassing }



BINKY { more than one }





RED PEPPER SPRAY *optional { ‘Cause ya just never know! But be sure it has a good lock  }

MOM SNACKS!! Especially if you’re nursing! chocolatepretzels, trail-mix, homemade lactation cookies, banana, etc. }

Okay so there you have it! The above is what I choose to carry in my bag.  It’s what works for me + my boys. Feel free to add to or remove items from the list above. I highly recommend keeping it packed on the lighter side, but you do not want to be stranded! So less is more, but not enough is the pits! So find your balance and roll with it. 


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