Hey guys! My name is Renee. I’m a thirty-five year old mum of 3 awesome boys (Ben, Jax, + AJ) and a wife to my gorgeously handsome husband + middle school sweetheart, Bracy. 

I’m a Florida girl at heart, however, I did spend the majority of my adulthood, well over a decade, living year-round on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. There, I raised my oldest son, Ben. Today, I guess you can call me a Seattle transplant; a top left corner girl who now dreams of the beach + the island life I once lived. Hey. It’s all good. We are no doubt taking full advantage of everything the PNW has to offer. We hike. We climb. We berry pick. We market shop. You name it. We love it here! This is home.

Backing up a bit, my life became quite public on ABC’s The Bachelor, and later a short stint on Anthony Bourdain’s The Taste. That once in a lifetime opportunity granted me a worldwide, faithful audience on television and social media alike. No regrets there. I had the most positive experience with the most powerful outcome. I cannot begin to tell you how life changing it was to connect with viewers or “fans” with a similar story. People who were rooting for me.  From soccer moms to beach fanatics, hikers to paddle boarders, I have been fortunate to connect with adventure seekers with a love for life… a variety of mankind from all around the world, including yourself. You guys helped me, find me again… giving me another shot at love. And I thank you for that.

So now I’m here. Blogging? I guess you can call it that. Insta-story telling is more what I’ve got going on right now. You guys — stay with me. Be patient. I’ve got a lot on my plate raising 3 kids, our golden, and keeping my husband the happiest guy alive (haha!) I will find more time for this. I promise. I will blog when I can. I don’t waste time. Not mine, and not yours. I love hard and all the way. I don’t quit. I forgive easy. I forget quickly. I laugh when I’m mad and I cry when I’m happy. I love you guys and thanks for reading xo