A Day in the Life [Sleep Consultant]

SAHM (stay at home mom) life is pretty rad, and boy do I feel like one of the lucky ones who is fortunate enough to live it. When Ben was little, and I was going through a divorce, I worked A LOT. A few different jobs at a time. Waitressing, that full-time gig for the benefits, I even ran my own photography business on the weekends. Living on Martha’s Vineyard year-round was hard for me as a single mom. I was working 70+ hours a week, killing myself trying to make sure that my kiddo was happy. Going to the best of the best daycare. Enrolled in constant extracurricular activities. But with all that work, I didn’t have a ton of extra time to spend with him. Maybe a few hours each day if I was lucky, and the weekends that I wasn’t working. When you work all day away from home, you miss a lot. You miss some of those “firsts” and boy does that suck. So I get it – being away from your family all day. Working full time. Rushing to their t-ball game to coach or cheer from the sideline. Making easy-mac or a frozen pizza because now it’s late and it’s all you’ve really got time for. Then, the mad dash into the tub and off to bed. There’s definitely a struggle in finding that perfect work – life – balance. But you do it, and you do it all with love. And you do it all over again the next day.

I’ve worked my ass off as a single mom. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom, also working my ass off [high-five single parents who NEVER get a sick day!] And now, I’m a work-from-home mom. Best of both worlds. I set my own hours. I book my own schedule. I am my own boss.

The past 4 years have been incredible – no complaints. My husband has been fully supportive of me staying home + raising the boys. I have never missed a doctors appointment, I have witnessed every fall. But on one income, you make sacrifices. Maybe you only take one vacation this year. You eat out less. You coupon clip (which I am oddly obsessed with doing, btw). I was “okay” with that. But to be honest, as great + wonderful it has been staying home, sporting athleisure wear, rocking’ a mom bun everyday, I still had this piece of me, sitting empty. Something was missing. And I realized, it was work. Bracy and I have toyed with the idea that maybe I should get back into real estate? Or perhaps I could go work as a spin instructor? I would love to revamp my photography business. I sell Beautycounter. I post on social media (#ad), I blog. I’ve done a lot, never really wanting to worry about the money. For me, personally, it’s more about what I’m doing. Does it fill my heart with joy? Does it inspire me? Am I making a difference? Work. Almost everyone does it. But do you love it? Does what you do make you happy? These are really important boxes that need to be checked in my life when I think about a career. I have always known that I hadn’t quite found that dream mom job. Until….


If you’ve been following my motherhood journey, you know all about WeeSleep. You know I have sung their praises since we first experienced the promised results as a client! Our time with them was life changing and I knew, right then and there, this was my calling. This was IT! And I had made the decision to become a Sleep Consultant. A decision that would forever change the meaning of my life.

I can’t even begin to express how rewarding this job is.

So let me tell you about my Monday [today is Saturday]. I made a cup of coffee while the boys [including my hubby] were still asleep. I checked-in on one of my current clients who had just wrapped up night 1 of the program. Now back-up…this mom pretty much laughed at me when I told her we would get her kiddo sleeping 10-12 hours a night, through the night, falling asleep on her own, and all in 10 days or less. She literally chuckled. No shame… I did the same. exact. thing. [Didn’t I, Janey:)] Anyway, let me tell you. This kiddo slept 12 hours straight NIGHT ONE, and has every night since! I wish you could have heard the switch in her tone after the first night. Mind you, this mama also slept her first full night in 3 years. She couldn’t believe it, but I could. I hear this with every single client of mine. That initial call – it’s chalked full of desperation. They sound defeated, exhausted. They question themselves, they wonder “where did I go wrong?” “Is this all my fault?” “I just don’t know what I’m doing and I feel so bad about it.” These are some of the things I hear from my mamas before we begin, and it breaks my heart. I wish that I could reach through the phone and hug them in that moment, but reassuring someone once they’ve reached this point is hard to do. By the time we hear from them, they are beyond any kind of verbal repair. They need to SEE the change – they need to feel it… and that’s where WeeSleep swoops in.

Working from the convenience of my own home, on my own couch, with my coffee in hand (sometimes wine, lets be real), has given me so much purpose. So much freedom. A sense of worth. I’m proud of the work I do with WeeSleep. It’s challenging, it’s rewarding, and I am truly honored and thankful for the families who put their trust in me. They let me change their lives, and for that, my ❤︎ is even more full than I could ever make it. Like I said, there’s definitely a struggle in finding that perfect work – life – balance… but I think I’ve finally nailed it.

The training…

Have you been thinking about maybe joining the WeeSleep Dream Team? I encourage anyone who is looking for something new in their work life – maybe you’re passionate about sleep. Maybe you’re a mama and is fascinated by the WeeSleep ways. Maybe you’re not finding joy in what you do now. Reach out. Hiring WeeSleep was life changing for our family in ways I couldn’t attach a dollar amount to. But now, working for them as a Sleep Consultant, that has been empowering.

Want to learn more?

As of today, there is still room in their next consultant training that will be taking place April 3rd – 5th! This training program is entirely virtual, personalized and interactive. You will learn from the best of the best, WeeSleep Founder + CEO, Janey Reilly. You will meet amazing women from all over the globe – not knowing those women would soon be your Sleep Sisters. Once you complete the course, you not only get the advice and knowledge during your continuing ed and mentorship, but there is an ENTIRE team of consultants behind you! The WeeSleep Dream Team is truly the greatest network of women supporting women, in a professional + personal setting combined. A sisterhood I never had. I feel lucky to have found this path, and I’m excited to see where it takes us!

Thanks for reading. Signing off loves. Have a fab day

Live Rested,


Are you a tired mama + want to learn more about how WeeSleep can help you? Reach out! I’d love to hear what’s going on and fill you in on what Wee can do for you – http://bit.ly/WeeSleepRenee


  1. WeeSleep changed my life when my baby was almost 5 month and I felt like the worst mom in the whole world.

    I’ve been thinking on joining, not sure if this is the best time, not sure of so many things right now financially. I want to do the best for my girls and my family.

    Do they make a pre-interview (or something like that) to ask some questions before actually applying?

    Thank you for writing this!

    • Hi mama! Thanks for commenting:) Thrilled to hear that WeeSleep changed your life. I totally get it! And I can assure you, you were definitely not that worst mom. You’re the best mom! You saw something that needed change, and you went after it! Regarding the training – whether or not it’s a good time for you and your family, that I can’t answer. But I think you should “apply” to be accepted, and see what Janey has to say! Maybe after you guys chat, she will feel like maybe you should wait a year? They do interview for the course, as she just doesn’t accept the fee from anyone. Reach out, let them know you have some questions. You can also schedule a call with me so we can chat about the training if need? We do not get paid for recruiting – WeeSleep is not a pyramid structure. No benefit to me if you apply, other than we would be Sleep Sisters once you completed the course and mentorship. LMK if I can help;) xo

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